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The use of masculine aims to lighten the text. It is used to refer to both the female and the male genders.

1. Summary presentation

The Website and its contents are based on the wealth of sources documenting the lives of the first settlers of a territory and their descendants. The Website offers original self-guided tours marking specific routes for about twenty families and enriched by info capsules related to these same families. It offers each family a tour designed to discover various components of their history. Each tour includes places associated with the members of the same family, for example, it marks the cemetery where they were buried, the houses where they lived, the mills, the dairies, the tin shops they held, the schools they built or attended…

2. Definitions

The following definitions apply to the legal notice and Terms and conditions of the Website in English and French (Passeurs de mémoire and Trace my roots).

2.1 Parcours Fil Rouge

Parcours Fil Rouge Inc. is a non-profit organization with its registered office at 100 4e Avenue, La Pocatière, Quebec, G0R 1Z0. Parcours Fil Rouge is the holder of all rights associated with the Website.

2.2 User

The person who browses the Website is the user. This person who browses and/or uses the Website, in whole or in part, declares that he has read, understood and accepted all the contents of this legal notice.

2.3 Tour

A tour consists of stops tracing the history of a family’s ancestors. Each tour consists of 6 to 10 stations.

2.4 Stop

Each stop of a tour is a physical place that the visitor can visit by reaching it using geolocation or the written directions that are presented.  

2.5 Info Capsule

The info capsule consists of various information related to the history of a family and to some people who are part of it. It includes a short audio clip, a brief genealogical chart, as well as images, texts, certificates and others that make up the multimedia content available.

3. Terms of use 

Parcours Fil Rouge provides website management and ensures the follow-up of its users. The terms of use are as follows:

3.1 Age required

Any underage person who uses the Website acknowledges that he is authorized to do so by a person who is capable of making such decisions (father, mother or legal guardian) within the meaning of the laws that prevail in Canada, province of Quebec. The parent or legal guardian assumes full responsibility for the decision. Trace my Roots offers content and activities that are generally accessible to all ages, but it is up to parents or legal guardians to decide. It is the responsibility of parents or legal guardians to determine whether this underage person should be accompanied by a supervisor when travelling. This rule also applies to any person who has a disability at risk, such as a mental age limiting his ability to understand Trace my Roots.

3.2 Means of access to the service

It is the user’s responsibility to ensure an Internet connection and software allowing access to the Website’s content. 

3.3 Accessibility and compatibility 

The tours are available on the Website from Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox browsers, on smartphones and tablets. The Website is compatible with the mentioned browsers. The experience will be optimal on mobile devices.

3.4 Copyright 

All rights relating to the full use and full operation of the Website are owned by Parcours Fil Rouge Inc. and its authorized assignees, including all rights relating to the conceptualization, ergonomics and programming of the Website.

Computer modules of the Website may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, outside the context of Trace my Roots. Any other use is strictly prohibited. For clarification, the modification, publication, downloading, reproduction on another website or the use for public or commercial purposes of the computer modules found on this Website, in whole or in part, are strictly prohibited without the prior approval of the management of Parcours Fil Rouge Inc.

If you notice the presence of content that constitutes a violation of the copyright of an individual or organization, or content that is offensive or infringing on privacy under the laws of the country in which the tour creator is located and under the laws of Canada, you can report it to the Website moderator who can then do what is necessary to correct the situation. To do so, please write to the following e-mail address: info@filrougeinc.com.

3.5 Content reliability

The data contained on the Website were collected by our researchers from multiple sources of varying reliability. We have made a great deal of effort to minimize mistakes, but some may remain. In no event shall such information and data be deemed to replace official documents and we assume no responsibility for any consequences that may result directly or indirectly from the use of the information presented on the Website. If you detect errors, please notify Parcours Fil Rouge by writing to the following e-mail address: info@filrougeinc.com.

3.6 Harassment

Harassment of employees, owners, tour creators and persons appearing in any form of content accessible on the Website, including the use of obscene or abusive language in e-mail or other communications, is strictly forbidden and may be liable to prosecution.

3.7 Hyperlinks

The Website may contain hyperlinks to other websites published and managed by third parties and not by Parcours Fil Rouge Inc.

Parcours Fil Rouge Inc. will not be liable directly or indirectly if users of such third-party sites do not comply with the legal and regulatory provisions in force or in the future, as well as the consequences of such non-compliance.

If you decide to visit or use a site referred to by the Website, or related content, hardware, software, goods or services from a site itself, you do so entirely at your own risk and must use this information in your best judgment. If you are underage, you must seek advice from a parent or legal guardian.

3.8 Cookies

Each user of the Website consents to the fact that elements of his browser called “cookies” allow the computer of Trace my Roots to recognize his computer. A “cookie” is a small data file that is placed on the user’s hard drive when he visits a website. These files facilitate navigation on Trace my Roots by serving as a reminder of user preferences and make the next visit to the Website more efficient.

Parcours Fil Rouge Inc. does not use or may not use cookies to retrieve personal information about the user from his computer. At most, the information collected is used for statistical and anonymous purposes, such as to count the number of visitors or to find out what pages are most frequently visited. If the user configures the browser so that he is notified before accepting cookies, the user may receive a warning message for each cookie. He can renounce these messages by configuring his browser for this purpose.

3.9 Disclaimer of warranties

When the user visits and uses the Website, he acknowledges and agrees that he does so entirely at his own risk. No warranty statement is made to the user regarding the Website and its contents, including, but not limited to, any warranty statement:

  • As to the accuracy, completeness, reliability, appropriateness or timeliness of the Website and the content presented therein;
  • As to the merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of the content, including in particular any information, data, software, product or service offered through the Website;
  • As to the operation of the Website, and the consultation of tours, without interruption or error;
  • As to the correction of defects or errors in the Website;
  • As to the absence of viruses or harmful elements in the Website;
  • As to the safe transmission, without interception, of communications through the Website.

3.10 Limitation of Liability

Subject to applicable law, Parcours Fil Rouge and its respective directors, employees, assignees or successors shall not be liable for:

  • Any indirect or incidental damages of any kind, including, in particular, any loss or damage of nature or arising from a loss of business, loss of savings, loss of data and/or loss of profits whatever the cause (including non-compliance with essential obligations), civil liability (including negligence) or otherwise, even if Parcours Fil Rouge had been aware of the possibility of such damages;
  • Any loss or damage resulting from the failure of Parcours Fil Rouge Inc. or the failure of the user to protect his password or account information;
  • any harm, loss, damage (including indirect or incidental damages) or expenses arising in any way in connection with acts, omissions arising out of the conduct of a third-party user or inability to use anything, software, content, goods or service of a site or offered through a site linked to the Website Trace my Roots.

Parcours Fil Rouge shall not be held liable for any unforeseen events resulting from service interruptions, breakage, missing data or unintentionally inaccurate or erroneous data appearing on the Website Trace my Roots. No refund or compensation will be granted to the user related to such contingencies.

In the event of a defect in the interactive program or of inaccuracies in the tours, in the indications on the maps, in the texts and the video, audio, textual or visual content, representatives of Parcours Fil Rouge Inc. cannot be held responsible, but would like to be informed as soon as possible by e-mail to: info@filrougeinc.com.

The user declares to know and assume the characteristics of the Internet and its use, in particular limitations related to technical performance, response time and risks related to communications security. Parcours Fil Rouge Inc. and its potential assignees cannot be held responsible for any unavailability, anomalies, errors, lack of service, technical flaws, failures and interruptions on the Website Trace my Roots, whether it is inaccessible or partially accessible. Also, Parcours Fil Rouge Inc. cannot be held responsible for defective modules.

Under no circumstances and any consideration will a user of the Website Trace my Roots be able to hold Parcours Fil Rouge Inc. and its potential assignees responsible for material, physical (for example, road injury) or restrictive problems related to the tours suggested if he decides to move according to the places mentioned in the tours on the Website Trace my Roots. In general, the responsibility of the Website Trace my Roots cannot be engaged for any prejudice or damage of any kind arising from the use of the Website Trace my Roots and its contents.

Each user acknowledges that he can assess his ability to move and spend time in the various suggested places and areas without putting his health or that of others at risk. It is also up to all users to determine for themselves whether a tour is practicable (for example, if the path is blocked or under construction or maintenance). Therefore, each user is entirely responsible for his moves, even if it has been suggested in a tour. The itinerary provided with each tour is only a suggestion.

Parcours Fil Rouge Inc. could not be held responsible for errors in judgment of certain users of the Website regarding their ability to follow a route on the field.

4. Privacy and responsibility

Information collected, with the consent of the user, upon registration on the Website such as user information, will be held by Website administrators to manage content-related activities, but will not be sold, rented or exchanged, or loaned to companies not concerned by these activities.

Quebec and Canadian laws protect the user’s personal information. Except where required by law, Parcours Fil Rouge maintains the confidentiality of all personal information obtained about the user of the Website.

5. Governing Law

These Terms and conditions of use are governed by the laws in force in the province of Quebec (Canada) and any dispute shall be submitted to the competent courts of the province of Quebec, in the district of Kamouraska. If any provision of the Terms and conditions is deemed invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, this will not render all other provisions invalid, as the invalid provision must be dissociated from the other provisions of these Terms and conditions, which will remain in force.

These Terms and conditions constitute the entire existing agreement between the user of the Website Trace my Roots and Parcours Fil Rouge. All use cases not called for in these Terms and conditions shall be decided by the publisher, whose decisions shall be sovereign. Any dispute or disagreement arising from the use of the Website, relating to their interpretation or performance, shall be the subject of an attempt to settle amicably.

If you do not comply with these Terms and conditions and if Parcours Fil Rouge Inc. does not take immediate action on this subject, it does not mean that it waives its rights (for example, to take action later).

If a user of the Website suffers any prejudice or disagrees, in any way, with these Terms and conditions, the user must leave the Website immediately.

Last updated: June 2021