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First and last names spelling

Usually, first names are written without a hyphen and in a standard form, which is the modern spelling. In the certificates and registers, family names are often written in several different ways. Within the framework of Trace my Roots, we opted for the approach adopted by the Programme de recherche en démographie historique (PRDH) of the University of Montreal. The Drouin Institute is the editor of the PRDH genealogical information.

The PRDH database is based on written acts from the church records and some other documents with names from the 17th and 18th centuries. The information found in this database comes from more than 2,350,000 certificates, including the entirety of Quebec acts from parish registers prior to 1850. The family name variations are presented in a standard form. For example, if a family name is found under ten different spellings, the chosen spelling is the most frequently used. Depending on the case, we enclose in brackets the most used and accepted spelling or the spelling most recognized at a certain period, for example, at the time of the pioneer’s arrival in the colony. Then, the first time a family name is mentioned, it will be followed by this different spelling enclosed in brackets.

Genealogical chart

Genealogical charts are not exhaustive. People mentioned in the tours or info capsules are mainly included in the charts. To facilitate understanding, most of the time, children who passed away at an early age and single people are not mentioned. Some people may be mentioned in their family line without all their ancestors being identified. Their name is found in boxes interlinked by a red line. The gray boxes refer to the spouse’s family being the subject of another Trace my Roots tour.

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